Fabric Care

Always pre-wash your fabrics before sewing as they may shrink.

Treat them as you would your finished garment.



Comes in many patterns and colors and is used for everything. It has a tendency to wrinkle very easily, so cotton/polyester blends are popular. It is machine washed and can be dried at high temperatures.



Use a gentle wash cycle and avoid using bleach to protect linens. White linens should be dried in sun to help them keep their whiteness. It creases easily, which is why it needs firm pressing when ironed. It can also be dry cleaned.



Is a synthetic fiber that is relatively easy to care for. Strong, durable, machine-washable and tumble-dryable. Iron with moderate temperature. Some polyester fabrics are dry-clean only.



Is a cellulose fiber, and its fabric is soft and tender and absorbs well. It can be either machine washed or dry cleaned.



Is generally machine-washable and tumble dried at low temperature. Use softener at the final washing rinse cycle. Remove nylon from the dryer as soon as the cycle is over to prevent from wrinkling.



Some silk fabrics can only be dry cleaned. Only silk preshrunk by washing is washable. Hand-wash silk items in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Do not chlorine bleach. It is strongly recommended to dry clean your silks.



A synthetic fiber that is relatively easy to care for. Machine wash using warm water. Softener may be added during the final rinse cycle. Dry using low temperature; remove as soon as the drying is done.



A synthetic fiber with a shiny, silky appearance. It doesn’t absorb moisture and is usually dry clean only. Used a lot in the apparel industry for clothing lining and knitted clothing. Acetate knits can be hand-washed in warm water with mild soap or detergent and should be laid flat to dry.



These fibers will discard wrinkles and return to their original shape if you let the garment rest between wearing. Gently brush the surface of to remove dust and soil. Clean delicate wool fabrics with a damp sponge to remove the stains and dust, and dry cleaning is recommended.


Lyocell / Tencel:

Can be either hand washed or machine washed and tumble dried successfully, but some are most durable when dry-cleaned.


Spandex and Lycra:

Hand wash or gentle machine wash in lukewarm water. Only use non-chlorine bleach on garments that contain spandex. Dry at low temperatures and iron quickly at low temperature.